Considering the resuscitation of this blog…

I finally checked my email today after finally fixing in the internet in my apartment (which has been out for way too long) only to find that I had over 30 comments needing approval on my blog! At first I was sure it was all spam but although there were a few inane blurbs I was surprised how many responses I had especially to my entry on the Women Impressionists exhibit.

Since this blog was originally for a course which, thank God, is finally over – I feel a little uncertain where this blog is headed or if there is even still an audience. So I guess if you would like me to continue this blog – please leave me a comment with some ideas on a future blog entry topic. Do you prefer that I keep reviewing exhibitions/collections in San Francisco? Or should I perhaps start posting on more general topics – interesting issues and problems arising in the field of art history? Let me know what you think! Image: Marcel Duchamp’s “L.H.O.O.Q” 1919. Source:


~ by tamgolan on May 27, 2009.

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